A Place of Love and Support

By Veronica Feliz, FC 18 SyracuseRefugee Resettlement 1

In the hit song “22,” Taylor Swift sings, “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time, it’s miserable and magical, oh yeah.” And I wish I was kidding, but reading the lyrics to that song made me a little emotional (read: very emotional). I had no idea how true they would become for me being 22, a year out of college, and just getting back from a whirlwind trip filled with old and new friends. At the airport or in the car going from one great group of people in a great place to another completely different, yet equally great place this past week I couldn’t help but feel every emotion imaginable.

While talking with a friend from college I realized that I’m not the only one (and we’re definitely not the only two) who struggled with massive self-doubt since graduating. We both consider ourselves pretty self-aware people but we have had some currently unexplainable changes in our lives and our selves that have caused us to reevaluate nearly everything we once believed. Although the past week has been one existential crisis after another, one thought always made me feel better: I was going back to Syracuse soon where I have a strong support system, especially at the FrancisCorps house. One source of the angst many recent college graduates have is not knowing how they fit in in their new city or job or social circle, but I will never forget how in the year after college – which can be described as both miserable and magical – I had a community of people who surrounded me and made me feel way less lonely and way more loved than I ever expected.